Welcome to Melenoria, featuring the artful work of Holli Gibbs and Ethan Talbert.  It came about in this manner. Holli and Ethan like writing. But Holli and Ethan are fantastically lazy and will never write anything unless forced to it on pain of walking on glowing nails or eating flaming cucumbers…or something else generally bad.

But both Holli and Ethan WANT to become great writers some day. The solution was obvious to Holli and Ethan: create a blog with which Holli and Ethan can practice Holli and Ethan’s writing (because there’s no way Holli and Ethan could ever fail to post on the blog, right?). Having fixed ye ole lack o’ diligence problem, Holli and Ethan are now changed people. Changed, I say. Before the blog Holli and Ethan were irresponsible writer wanna-be’s. NOW, Holli and Ethan are irresponsible writer wanna-be’s with a blog. That’s power you can’t buy (but you can get it pretty easily using WordPress.)


IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to access stories and poems, click on the box with three horizontal  lines in the upper right of the castle picture.



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