Writing Challenge 2017

And it came to pass in the year Two Thousand Seventeen that the evil armies of Distraction, Procrastination, and Laziness allied themselves against that noble country Melenoria and waged war against her.

All of Melenoria fought valiantly, but, alas, the country was besieged and began to run out of their most powerful weapons–words.

The princess knew what had to be done. There were only two makers of words who could defeat the enemy–she herself and the commander of the air fleet. It would take 1,000 weapon points, but if they worked hard, they just might be able to free Melenoria from the impending tyranny of Distraction, Procrastination, and Laziness.

A decree went forth throughout Melenoria, acknowledging that if these two did not achieve 1,000 points’ worth of weaponry, Melenoria would cease to exist as a free nation. But if they succeeded, whoever produced the most points’ worth of weaponry would be rewarded at the year’s end.

Values of Needed Weapons:

The Longsword: a short prose writing, worth 10 points

The Crossbow: a poem, worth 20 points

The Flame-throwing Catapult: a story segment on one’s own story, worth 50 points

The Nuke: a story segment from a shared story, worth 100 points


Total points: 1,095

Ethan’s Arsenal: 535 points




  • Completed novel plot summary challenge: 75 pt

Holli’s Arsenal: 570 points




  • completed 3 chapters of time-travel story by April 30. Ethan graciously allowed 20 points per chapter (although the entire story wasn’t completed). (60 points)

The armies of Distraction, Procrastination, and Laziness are cunning and sly. They can easily lure even the best word-makers into a hypnotic trance. Ethan and Holli must be extra vigilant against the sneaky attacks. And so it is imperative that they challenge each other to maximum word creation.

To effectively challenge each other, they may post a challenge for the other writer along with a deadline and a point value (point values should be divisible by 5 for the sanity of the scorekeepers). If the other writer completes the challenge by or on the deadline, that writer will be awarded the allotted points. Each day beyond the deadline, the point value of the challenge decreases by 5 points until zero at which time the challenge has expired and is no longer available. If the writer who posted the challenge wishes to repost it, it will cost him/her 50 of their own points, but should the other writer complete the challenge and win the allotted points, the challenger will also get his/her 50 points back. The challenger may also choose to place 75 points with the challenge instead of 50. In this case, if the the other writer completes the challenge, the challenger will receive his/her 75 points back plus 10% of the points awarded to the challenge-completer (This sum is not subtracted from the award points.).


For Ethan:

NEW: A villanelle, worth 40 points, by July 1. 

  • A full rough draft plot summary for his novel idea: worth 75 points, deadline: March 15, 2017 COMPLETED 02/22/17
  • A segment for Variable: worth 110 points, deadline: February 19, 2017 EXPIRED
  • Rough draft of the first chapter for his novel idea: worth 50 points, deadline: April 15, 2017 EXPIRED 

For Holli:

Your choice of a Pantoum or a Sestina to be served complete with a side of pictures and tags. Order by March 15, 2017 for 30 points. COMPLETED 02/05/17 Song of the Bereaved

One complete draft of a time traveling short story Holli had an idea for. Complete by April 30, 2017 for 75 points. Note–The points can go higher if the story ends up being significantly longer. PARTIALLY COMPLETED for partial credit